Future of Finance

In our Future of Finance research section we consider how technological advances will change our use and understanding of money in the future.

The removal of inequitable barriers and friction in the financial system is critical to unlock potential and opportunity where it has traditionally been suppressed. The internet has been the catalyst for the Fintech ecosystem to develop practical technological improvements in this area, widening access through mobile banking and other disruptive products.

Despite this there are enormous potential shifts yet to be realised. Technological developments such as blockchain, digital currency, Bitcoin, smart contracts, decentralised finance (DeFi) and AI—assisted by changing geo-political forces and central bank FIAT currency debasing through QE—have the potential to replace the current financial system and return us to a system of hard money.

If this comes to fruition literally everything changes.

'The removal of inequitable barriers and friction will unlock potential where it has traditionally been suppressed'