Welcome the Genesis Blog of ‘Right Time, Right Place’, a play on the genesis block of Bitcoin fame, but a relevant comparison as I intend this to be a chain of curious investigation that will necessarily start with the basics of the areas of research—Commerce, Education, Energy, Finance, Food, Government, Healthcare, Space, Transport and Work & Play—posing more questions that answers initially but, with time and effort, will achieve the detailed grasp of the subjects that will make the research valuable.

What does value mean? In the context of this introduction the value is purely personal. Feeding my own curiosity is the goal. A happy consequence of achieving this will be that some of it will be interesting to others. I am excited to see that community of curious people grow.

Naturally, as an entrepreneur it’s impossible for my brain not to immediately start seeing the business models, and no doubt we will get to that, but I am certain that for this project to succeed it’s most important ingredient will be passion for the subject matter. For this reason, ‘Right Time, Right Place’ is by far the longest project I have ever started. I fully expect this to be a labour of love that I will take the rest of my career.

Why now?

Writing about the future, its technology and effects on society is something I wanted to do for a very long time. Like many people the responsibilities of life and the day job(s), even if it’s your own business…maybe more so, often get the way.

Then along comes a global pandemic in spring of 2020 offering a forced period of reflection during the various lockdowns, curfews and quarantines. During this 6 month period between March and August I finally had the physical and mental space to reorganise and give myself permission to do other things. I wonder how many of us will look back on such a difficult time and be thankful for the changes it was the catalyst for?

So the window of opportunity has presented itself and, at the age of 45, it is now or never. 

The habit of writing

My first objective is to develop the habit of writing regularly on the blog. 

In the past I have often avoided publishing my thoughts out of fear that they were uninteresting or the ‘Everybody knows that, right?’ excuse. Experience has taught me that no, they don’t, and even if they do they still love a good argument about it 🙂 I’m going to try to make my writing positive on the future, fun but with sufficient depth for it to be useful. It might be uninteresting to some…and that’s OK.

With the habit and confidence in place I will start to publish content in a variety of other formats starting with a bi-weekly newsletter and expanding into a podcast, videos, research papers and eventually events. Of course everything will make its way onto social media so (and here’s the ask) please follow me on Twitter or Facebook and come down the rabbit holes with me.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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