Future of Education

In our Future of Education research section we consider how technological advances and societal developments will change the nature of education in the future.

Education is fundamentally broken—stuck in a former heyday with outdated curricular designed for a world that no longer exists—moving slower than the technological advances impacting it and costing far too much. Disruption is overdue.

In the future much of the work requiring IQ will be performed by machines and the input of Humans will be centred around EQ skillsets. We look at how education can meet these needs.

Technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will revolutionise the virtual and physical teaching environment, facilitating the democratisation of knowledge and creating rock-star educators with million strong classrooms. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will deliver new levels of personalisation and ‘passive evaluation’ to the learning experience.

The incumbent educational establishments face a growing challenge for relevance. This will accelerate the shift from buildings to brands as they face disruptive competition from baggage-free startups and corporate entities offering vocational alternatives.

'Much of the work requiring IQ will be performed by machines...the input of Humans will centre around EQ skillsets.'