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Technology is driving change in every area of the Human experience at a faster pace than ever before. This pace of change is creating boundless possibility and opportunity. When great advancement comes at pace it also creates significant challenges as we play collective catch up and try to adjust to the new paradigm.

The ‘Right Time, Right Place’ blog curates the impact of technological change on 10 macro areas of society —commerce, education, energy, finance, food, government, healthcare, space, transport and work/play— delivered with positivity through a lens of commercial opportunity.

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'Children born today will witness technological change in their lifetime that it is hard for us to comprehend.'


Government provides cash for EV battery development

Technologies including high-performance batteries for electric vehicles are to receive a government cash boost. The funding will be available through the government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund,


The Genesis Blog

Welcome the Genesis Blog of ‘Right Time, Right Place’, a play on the genesis block of Bitcoin fame, but a relevant comparison as I intend